The 10 Major Benefits of Grounding or Earthing

In today’s world there are only a few all natural ways to raise above it all. No we don’t have to climb a tree – but taking our shoes off and going barefoot in nature does have many excellent health benefits…and it’s priceless. Here are 10 simple benefits just to begin when it comes to […]

When it Comes to a Full Moister, Think Forever Moist Lips!

What’s better than super moist lips? Can you think of anything? It’s certainly the best for kissing…and of course everything else. Most people just feel better when our lips are moist. Moist lips, especially for women is a mulit-million dollar industry. There are thousands of lip care products to keep our lips from being dry […]

33 Ways to Make Scents of Your World

The practice of aromatherapy can be dated back to ancient Egypt, where essential oils were extracted from plants and used in religious rituals, cosmetics, and medicinal purposes. The Egyptians valued the therapeutic properties of aromatic substances and used them in various ways to enhance their physical and emotional well-being. Similarly, ancient Chinese and Indian cultures […]

Be Cause! People Helping People… A New Philanthropy for the 21st Century

People helping people, is the new philanthropy of the 21st century. We are learning and are sometimes being compelled to assist the world around us when and how we can. Through our time, our knowledge, our natural gifts, our services and most of all our heartfelt connections we make a priceless impact. Today’s true philanthropist […]

Every Body needs the Healing Powers Of Clean Water!

Every Body needs the Healing Powers Of Clean Water because Water is one of the most essential substances for life on Earth. Not only is water vital for our survival, but it also has healing properties that can benefit our physical and mental health. In this article, we will explore the healing powers of water. […]

The 10 Major Health Benefits of Celtic Salt Versus Table Salt

Who knew salt could be good for our health?  The benefits are amazing yet they do not come from regular table salt. It’s time to go Celtic! So to answer the question, does salt have something for everybody? The answer is, not all salts are created the same. Table salt is not the same as Celtic salt. […]

The 7 Best Sound Healing Tools for STRESS!

The fashionable intelligence at The New York Times has declared sound baths are everywhere, and it’s true. Well-educated people like myself now routinely spend a couple dozen dollars for a few hours in a quiet room listening to ringing gongs, thrumming bowls and shaking rattles. Those special-purpose sonic environments are technically called “sound baths,” but […]