Herbal Sufi’ Cannabis & Organic Chicken For The Soul


Feels like we’re living on the edge of the edge these days. With all the craziness continuing to seemingly escalate in most parts of our world, shifting life like never before, stress levels are escalating to high levels. 

It seems we have no sense of what’s real, solid or even simi ‘normal’ anymore, all lines have been crossed and our world has been turned inside out, and upside down, to say the least..  

Even my stress levels are being challenged and I run and meditate everyday. However, I noticed still, over this Covid Virus time, while we’ve had to stay indoors everyday, our immune systems became more compromised from the lack of sunshine and freedoms from our outdoorand  life connections.  What’s compromised  and overwhelmed most of us even more is the constant bombardment of so much mis-information, fear and hate…As if CV wasn’t enough to cripple our country. And then came part 2 of this insanity ‘The intentional death of George Floyd, a human, murdered intentionally in our face.  How can we take anymore inhumane treatment from those who are ruling our lives… No More Human Abuse, No More Lies, No more Insane control… Now we stand and fight collectively for our human rights.. 

With Game on – we want to be ready! We know if we want to step our game up, we need to be and stay healthy. Now, I am not one who turns to meds when or if I have the flu, or anything that might seem not normal with my body. I’m a precautionary person when it comes to my health. I’m just saying I’ve been a healthy hemp girl for many moons now and in today’s world, health is wealth! So, I now turn to grandma’s life restoring remedies that seem to work every time, Organic Chicken for the Soul, with Herbal Sufi’s!

Organic Chicken stuffed with Herbs & Cannabis – YUMMMM for the SOUL!

The Recipe

HerbalSufi Cannabis & Organic Chicken recipe is sure to melt your taste buds and soothe your soul. Anyone can do this with a crock pot, organic chicken, a few veggies, herbs and some fresh cannabis leaves… And if you like, a side of brown rice makes this meal twice as delicious…First the savory taste of succulent baked chicken and herbs mixed with a few of your favorite veggies, served with rice and a green leafy salad with cannabis leaves as well, refreshingly delish. Day two, this becomes Herbal Chicken & Rice soup – best soup ever! The Cannabis leaves give this blend a rich savory flavor of the wild with the nutrients of the plant which is good for us and our wellbeing.

Cannabis is essential to our endocrine system, which balances our immune system – We each have cannabinoid receptors throughout our body’s organs and immune system. When fed cannabinoids our body begins to restore itself back to homeostasis of balance, naturally! 

Not sure if you’ve been keeping current on how essential cannabinoids are for our endocrine systems which regulates our immune system, but our Government actually deemed it Essential in many states over this CV time. (it seems there are still a few brain cells still firing in that Gov. system)…anyway. Cannabis is Essential by Chris Kilham, a Notable in the Plant Wellness industry, explains why! 

Personally we have deemed Cannabis / Hemp essential in our homes. Knowing ‘whole plant cannabis’ is full spectrum, containing whole plant nutrients, including CBD, THC, CBN and all the other terpenes, consuming the entire cannabis plant is where restoration begins. 

Herbal Sufi Organic Chicken for the Soul

You’ll need a Crockpot and a few other things you probably have in your fridge or garden! If not there’s always Trader Joe’s or a Farmers Market near by.

  1. 1 Whole Fresh Organic Chicken
  2. Veggie Options
  3. Mushrooms
  4. Garlic – minced or whole (pealed)
  5. Onion
  6. And whatever else you may desire, everything cooks easy in the crockpot!


Use the fresh leaves or herbal tops intuitively!

Cannabis leaves – between 10 and 15 leaves or a few tops

  1. Basil – 10 leaves
  2. Rosmery – handful
  3. Thyme – to taste – I use a few fresh 
  4. Ginger – a small piece – but not to small – use your intuition about a ½ piece
  5. Lemon – squeeze 1 whole lemon onto the chicken before you cover it


  • 15 to 20 minutes to prepare
  • 4 to 5 hours in the Crock’er on high

I recommend you do this in the AM – at least by 11is – it’ll be good to go by 5 – it could be a little sooner and the purpose of the crock is, how slow can we go! haha

To Start

  • Wash your organic chicken well in cold water
  • You’ll want organic because you’re worth the non-chemical feeding of our body, soul, experience.
  • Dripdry the checkin out over the sink while rubbing some good hymilain salt over its full body, including inside.
  • Chop and mix all herbs – add 1 teaspoon of sesame seed oil to this, blend and put into the cavity of the chicken – it’s not going to fill it – it’s going to add a world of flavoring.
  • Cut veggies to bite size
  • Stuff Chicken with herbs
  • Put in CropPot
  • Fill bottom along the sides of the chicken with ⅛ cup of water, just covering the bottom – The chicken and veggies will create all their own juices
  • Add Veggies around the sides of the chicken in the crockpot – 

Add your one special MMJ or HEMP LEAF to the middle, take a picture and share it with the world, or at least us. HempingtonPost proudly supports all things Cannabis. 

  *We found out how many plants we can grow per household and planted our four.  Already we are juicing and cooking with the leaves every day, highly recommended.  With this in mind – may your days be filled with good will as the world turns trying to figure out how we can move forward collectively…? I say, FREE the Plant and Educate the Humans to take care of their Soul and Soul connections first. Together We Grow!

Contact me directly for personally with your questions and more cannabis recipes.

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