What’s All the Hush About Our Crazy Weather and Checkerboard Skies?


When it comes to the topic of Climate Change, Weather Modification and Weather Control, no one wants to talk about it or even acknowledge the enormity of it. In fact, most don’t even look up and when they do, their eyes don’t seem to see this, in your face sky art! Therefor feel those that do, must be crazy. hummm

However, moving past those folks, and all the narrative around the notion the ‘Chemtrails or SAI’s, Stratospheric Aerosol Injections’ do not exist. 

I’m excited to share, over the past few years, millions of people have been forced to wake up to the corrosion and manipulation of the powers that run our global realities. 

We are in a silent war for our human survival. Many of us can clearly see the truth, yet there is complete silence and denial from the powers that control all narratives. So we sit in our silence, feeling hopeless for what appears to be inevitable. Well, I see no point in sitting in silence. If we don’t start sharing ‘truth above all’, we continue to live a lie and suffer needlessly! 

The fact is, we are not alone, we’ve just been taught that.  ‘Don’t disturb the apple cart, don’t question authority, mind your own business, don’t be a conspiracy theorist, so to speak!  Muzzle up and we’ll let you know how to live your life.

I say ‘stop drinking that kool aid’. Look Up! Question everything, investigate deep into the truth our of history, follow the money, share challenging conversations, get involved with life, our future is dependent on all of us stepping up, for the good of all. It’s in our differences we find the core of common truth. Together we can take down great walls and change political structures.  It’s often when we go along with the status quo, we are often led right over the edge, like sheeples… Take a look at our world right now, it’s in complete chaos because most want to stay out of the line of controversy, aka confrontation! 

Here at ZenfulLiving, we have been going deep beyond the narrative for decades. We discovered the deep dark rabbit hole is endless. So we focus on alternatives for a healthier reality for all, which is, all things natural.  We’re here to share the truth, above all, on all topics.

Here’s a little Weather Manipulation Information because the truth takes us to new levels of reality. As we’ve heard our entire life, truth is stranger than fiction…Weather manipulation is real!

In 1962 Lyndon Johnson is quoted saying,He who controls the weather, controls the world’!  


Hence, I bring you this profound and extremely informative documentary THE DIMMING – If you are an inquisitive and intelligent human you will review this for your own considerations, and hopefully stimulate your thirst to look with open eyes – I do believe this is our reader on Zenful Living & HempingtonPost.  We search for Truth Above All. 

Take the time to Watch This and you decide if you’ve been told the truth!  DIMMING OUR SKIES

There is this plan for a sustainable solution: except to move life indoors. This is already beginning to happen in the Sahara Desert and other parts of the world  Inside The Mirrored Skyscraper Megacity In The Desert

On the other hand there are many sustainable solutions that are clearly being ignored.

Here’s my List to Turn Climate Change back to Sustainability

(even if it took 5 to 20 years)

  • Begin Immediately Moving to Nature for Sustainable living
  • Put our farmers back in business
  • Grow Hemp for paper, plastic, soil remediation, housing, biofuel
  • Become a plant based society 
  • Cultivate soils with hemp and mushroom soil remediation 
  • Begin Water Salinization 
  • Create Global Alliances 
  • Act cohesively as One Human race
  • Slow down the dimming and cooling
  • Stop the Weather War
  • Create new clean sustainable industries
  • Use bamboo, mushrooms, algae, 
  • What Can We Do Personally
  • Grow a Garden – We need to Plant It Green for Oxygen
  • Slow down commerce 
  • Buy Local
  • Stop Constant AMAZON deliveries
  • WAKE UP – this is our reality and I’m sorry to shake you up here, how e v e r… There’s a bigger picture beyond, Your story. Everyone is important right now to think collectively for our future and our future generations. Do you want your grandchildren to live without nature  – or watching a sunset by the sea?
Photo by Darlene Mea — If climate change continues escalating forward, these days of resting peacefully on the shorelines of life won’t be an option for anyone!

It was George Orwell who said, ‘this world is heading to a dismal reality, and only WE can change this’. It begins with ‘real conversations’  The ability to confront conflict and change outcomes, collectively!

I could go on and on with the proof that’s now appearing everywhere, except if we google the question ‘Do chemtrails exist’?  The first page or two of responses on Google holds the narrative that people are crazy and making all of this up – They say there is no such thing as a chemtrail – it is only contrails releasing condensation from the planes, that dissipates, like condensation does – There are no spreading clouds, white outs or dimming of our skies. There is no checkerboard sky art, from chemtrails/SAI, because they do not exist.  And people drink this kool aid!

BTW yes there is something we could do about Climate Change – 

  • Support the Industrial Hemp Revolution
  • Stop using Paper – Go Wireless
  • Take Photos – Expose the Truth
  • Drink Bentonite Clay to help clear the toxins from our body
  • Act Collectively for future generations. 
  • I know this is all overwhelming and daunting – but just imagine even 5 years from now, when nothing have been changed to correct the insane trajectory we are currently on…

Again, this is worth repeating and your investment of time to look at truth beyond the narrative… Take the time to Watch This and you decide if you’ve been told the truth!


Peace be with us as we find our way to a healthier reality, collectively!

In peace I come with truth above all!