Be~Cause! A New Philanthropy for the 21st Century ~


People helping people, is the new philanthropy of the 21st century. We are learning and are sometimes being compelled to assist the world around us when and how we can.

Through our time, our knowledge, our natural gifts, our services and most of all our heartfelt connections we make a priceless impact.

Today’s true philanthropist is one who is willing to go beyond our own circle and share, however we can. To share a smile, a kind word, a suggestion, valuable information, a helping hand to build a dream, time volunteered at non-profits, and of course, creating new ways to break us free from the old paradigm of ‘every man for himself’, which is soul unappealing!

Living a life of ‘being cause’ instead of being at the effect of someone else’s cause, moves us closer to making impacts in ways we may have never imagined.

Philanthropist (noun)

  • One who is actuated by a philanthropic spirit; one who loves mankind, or wishes well to his fellow-men and endeavors to benefit them by active works of benevolence or beneficence; one who from philanthropic motives endeavors to do good to his fellows.
  • One who practices philanthropy; one who loves mankind, and seeks to promote the good of others.
  • A person who loves mankind (the human race) in general.

It seems most of us have the notion that we’d have to be a millionaire to truly help in any real and beneficial way. In today’s tapestry of life, things are woven together a little differently. We can BE CAUSE, people helping people on so many levels, because we want to and we can. We no longer have to play by the old paradigm rules of leaving our human family on the streets, alone, while we go for croissants and lattés instead.

How do we help this dire situation? Photo – Darlene Mea

As we watch our current civilization become increasingly ravaged by media terror propaganda, poor government programs for the less fortunate, weather devastations, drug pushing big pharma, homeless vets and humans of all ages, we feel hopeless, helpless and deeply sad. How can we help besides saying OMG, please help those who can’t help themselves right now.

We want to donate to organizations that are truly helping as they say they are. We want to BeCause in a world that clearly needs the compassion of people helping people. We can no longer sit by and wish things were different!
BE CAUSE has been created (here on ZenfulLiving) to feature non-profits around our country and our world that do not depend on government grants or government assistance. These organizations are made up of people helping people. These are the organizations that will be featured here. As of Feb 2023, we are just beginning this section. We are open to all non-profits we can feature. And we will do our due diligence to be sure they are who they say they are.

How can We BE CAUSE?

Most Important & Priceless
BE KIND – kindness is priceless and it can never be wrong, even if someone can not receive it… deep inside it is felt and seen.

COMPASSION – have feelings for those around us – everyone matters, and truly we do not know the ‘story’ behind the mask!

GIVE where we can – a little here and a little there may not seem like much – however to the person receiving it, it could mean everything. People deeply appreciate being acknowledged.

VOLUNTEER – if you can, there are many non-profits who desperately need Volunteers – fill a need that ‘floats your boat and warms your heart’.

SHARE – when you can share what you can: if you learn a life hack, share it! It actually costs more to withhold than to share, because sharing has wings to fly and is priceless!

BE-CAUSE – Zenful Living has created this space to honor and highlight those taking it in their own hands to create organizations of People Helping People. If you know of a great organization with a noble cause, please have them reach out to us here so we can feature them. [email protected]

Clearly we can see that those who are governing our world are not taking care of Veterans, our homeless, the uneducated and underfed children, our neglected elders, and those with low income and/or low wages. This life is not easy for most when ‘doing it all alone’ and no one should ever be out there all alone!

We no longer need to feel hopeless in helping the world around us, if we have time there are plenty of those less fortunate who could use help. If we have money to share, there are plenty of organizations that need our help. If we have time, skills, knowledge, and a helping hand, we can share without an agenda of remuneration. We have the ingredients to be a true modern-day philanthropist.
We live in a world of people, capable of caring about each other. ‘Capable’ is key here because as we know, not all who are capable of caring, care. However for those of us who can and do care, the world needs our input now, more than ever.

We need each other, we’re all connected. Now is the time, tomorrow will be bleak without our participation.

BE CAUSE! Not at the effect of inequity.