Universal Love


“Love is a word, a word we do not know the meaning of,” these are the lyrics of the song, ‘When I Fall in Love,’ as sung by Nat King Cole. I agree with Nat, very few of us know what real love is, and this article is another attempt of mine to explain and describe the attributes and power of love. Of course, I refer to Universal, Unconditional, Non-Judgemental Love!

To know Universal Love, one is to have developed sufficient consciousness, and expanded sufficient conscious awareness to comprehend what Universal Love is, what it entails, and what is required to embody such a cosmic experience.

I begin by sharing with you an experience I had in India, with a holy man, with whom I had regular, one-on-one discussions, and this was in 2008, when I was sixty two years of age. I had gone to India and sojourned there for four months, in my quest for answers to questions about my life, and it was connected to the four Universal questions I was given many years previously, such as;

Who am I?
Where do I come from?
What am I doing here (on planet Earth)?
Where am I going? (during this life, and when I leave the body)
I had just lost my partner to cancer, and she was only fifty two years of age. The trauma of that experience devastated me, and so I felt I would find some direction to my life in India. Therefore, it was pure synchronicity that I met the holy man, a monk, with whom I could discourse regularly. Our discussions were most productive, and one day, he said we would discuss Love, and I immediately wondered what a monk would know about this subject. Of course, he referred to Universal, Unconditional, Non-Judgemental Love, the ONLY real love, that we should all learn about. It was during this conversation that I learned more than at any other time in my life.

He began by asking me what I felt love was, and he used the word felt, not what I thought, and I realized that I was in for a major overhaul in my beliefs, understanding, and feeling, of creation. I could not answer him, because I realized, in that rarefied atmosphere of a knowing holy man, I did not have sufficient knowing, feeling and depth to answer him, so I just listened.

He went into a great explanation of creation and all forms of life, both animate and inanimate, all of which is energy, the basis of creation, and all the various forms that life takes to provide us, on this planet, with a most diverse experience, together with the opportunity to learn from each of the myriads of life forms. Everything and all of life has a purpose, and everything has a destiny to fulfil.

As this momentous conversation progressed, I began to feel as if some internal light was switched on, which further enabled me to follow what the holy man was telling me. After several hours of discussion, questions and answers, he postulated that anyone who was resonant with life, and all its forms, could not and would not initiate or precipitate any harm to any such life forms. He concluded that anyone who embodied Universal, Unconditional, Non-Judgemental Love was not capable of doing harm, unless in a self-defensive situation. “How then, could any human being, with such expanded awareness and raised consciousness support the abuse, torture and slaughter of any animal, or any human being?” His words rung in my ears and vibrated all through my body and mind. In that moment, I knew I was never going to eat any animal/fowl/fish flesh ever again. In that moment I became a vegetarian, and that was in March, 2008. In 2017 I became a vegan! Furthermore, I continue eating according to the Ayurveda dietary lifestyle, which I began in 2003, and at the age of seventy six, I am doing very well. My constitutional health has improved, and I have not been to see the doctor for about four years. I learn from reading at the internet library, and so far, I have been able to take care of my own slight medical requirements with great success. I do not write this about myself, as a result of any ego driven purpose, rather, I wish to convey that if I can take good care of myself, so can you, if you are interested, if you are not already doing so.

During my life, I have had various experiences which enabled me to experience a higher frequency of love than what is normally experienced, fleeting though the experiences were. However, now, that I made a decision to be a vegan, my conscience is so much clearer and lighter, and I do feel the growth and development of more Universal, Unconditional Love, as I resolve the beliefs and programming that obstructed me from having that experience. As I walk this path, I am more aware of what is going on around me, much of the time, and I watch where I place my feet. If I can avoid stepping on ants, or other creatures, I do so immediately. If I do, inadvertently, step on any of them, I apologise and remove myself quickly.

This is my story, and I am writing this, in order to promote Universal Love, because I know that as and when more people have this intention, and reflect more Universal Love, much will change, positively, on this planet.

I know there are those who live in climates where they can only exist by eating animal flesh, and I am not judging them. That is their choice, and they also did choose to live in that environment. In such an environment, eating animal flesh is a necessity, which I do understand. I am not judging anyone, because each is to conduct themselves according to their consciousness and conscious awareness. There are the hunters, who eat what they shoot, even though they do so because of choice and not necessity, mostly. They simply like the taste of what they kill. Universal Love is greater than taste, and when the hunter embodies such love for the animal, they will not be able to kill anymore, for taste. I am reminded of various stories of matadors in Spain, who, eventually, became disgusted at killing the bulls in such a barbarous manner, for entertainment, and could not continue being a matador. There was an iconic picture of a matador, sitting on a bench, with his head in his hands in utter disillusionment, as the bull gazed at him, the bull bleeding profusely from all the stabbings.

If we want peace and love on this planet, we are to embody them, because peace and love will never be a permanent resident if most of the people support violence towards the animals, and eating them. Of course, there is so much violence of human against human, and such violence and aggression seems to be endemic in human society. Perhaps, this is a worse pandemic? People are the constituents of human society, and if people are not loving, so will human society not be loving. If love is absent, violence/hate/aggression/exploitation/greed are the consequence. Introduce the light and the darkness will dissipate.

Most people have no idea how animals are procreated, kept, fed, transported all over the world, and slaughtered, by the billions, and such ignorance supports the abuse and torture of the animals used for food. In fact, humans themselves are treated, more or less, the same way as humans treat animals for food. When I see how we, as a specie, treat the old people, the animals, each other, and our planet, I observe that such humans have much to improve. Maybe, the present pandemic and vaccinations, and all the hype, the suffering, the lies, the deception, and malfeasance are the consequences of the previous actions/non-actions of humanity as a whole?

In conclusion, I would like to suggest that you consider how you would like to conduct yourself during the remainder of your life, to learn more about dietary lifestyle, nutrition, and with such knowledge, make informed decisions as to how you wish to live your life. Perhaps, more of us can discuss Universal, Non-Judgemental, Unconditional Love of all life, with the intention of invigorating our lives, individually and as a humanity. In this way, we will become better custodians of this planet, and all life there-on and there-in.