Rescue Deep Coughs, with the Power of Oregano


The almighty continuous cough seems to be affecting many of us, no matter the age or social status.

We’re not sure exactly where this continuous cough it’s coming from, any number of today’s ailments could include a deep, dry or productive (mucous-y), long lasting cough. It almost seems to be an epidemic on its own. Who knew Oil of Oregano would come to rescue the deep Cough!

Being the herbal researcher that I am, when the cough came crawling down my throat and into my chest, I became focused on finding a natural way to rid myself, and my friends of this , if I could.

As my cough became relentless and fatigue set in, my partner continued to suggest Oregano oil. Being the ‘herbal formulator’ and man, lol, and because I hadn’t used Oregano oil to relieve and clear the mucus from deep coughs, I kinda doubted its efficacy. 

However, after substantial resistance, I relented and tried it. I began taking the little oil filled capsules, two at a time, morning and night, with a large glass of water. As I mentioned, I had no expectations this could work, but I figured I would give it a try, calm my partner’s insistence and if there were benefits, well that would be great.

After 4 doses, the first day, my night cough lessened extensively and my day cough began to disappear. I slowed my doses and the cough frequency returned. I went back to diligent dosing and in three days the cough was limited to an occasional cough. The fever was gone after a day and a half. I continued to take the oil caps for another week. My cough subsided nearly completely. 

I reluctantly admitted to my partner that the stuff really worked and I decided to look at the science of it. I wanted to get a sense of how and why it worked. I found that the scientific investigations into oregano oil are intense and thorough. It is not something I want to parrot in this context. 

As a thumbnail description, essential oils of oregano (and there are numerous oreganos) contain a complex mixture of chemical compounds that act in a variety of ways. 

Here is a Scientific overview on Oregano Oil

The studies surrounding plant functions in the treatment of human health are extensive and profound. The antimicrobial effects of Oregano oil includes the treatment of fungus, mold, bacteria and viral components. It is anti-inflammatory, and benefits cardiovascular health, metabolic syndrome, and lung health. 

The proof of the benefits of essential oils to human health is undeniable. The information and experimentation continues to be done. The wonder of including them in our everyday quest to maintain and improve our quality of life is at hand.

I have now added Oregano Oil to my “herbs for health” collection. 

9 benefits of Oregano Oil – full article 

  • Natural antibiotic
  • May help lower cholesterol
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Could help treat yeast infections
  • May improve gut health
  • May have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Could help relieve pain
  • May have cancer-fighting properties
  • May help you lose weight