The Endocannabinoid System: What It Is & How To Support It

Nearly everyone’s heard of the circulatory, nervous, and endocrine systems that govern our various physiological functions, but there’s one bodily system we guarantee you didn’t learn about in high school biology: the endocannabinoid system (ECS). While it’s flown relatively under the radar since its discovery in the early 1990s, the ECS is generating more excitement […]

Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Art of Healing

The state of absolute ‘stillness’ known as ‘Shunyata’ in Buddhism is where you are devoid of any thoughts, simply ‘empty’ like a glass without water, no movement, no ripples, no waves. This state of non-duality is also the root of Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian art of healing. Simply put, Ho’oponopono means, ‘to make right,’ or ‘to […]

All of Human Courtship (Romance) is Worked Out

A quick guide to the nine established steps of Romantic Dynamics® and its Substack are a compendium of human courtship with research citations comprising and envisioning human courtship as composed of three phases and nine large “steps.” The psychology research literature out there was essentially nonexistent before the 1990s. Still, then somewhere in that decade, […]

The Power of Music to Heal Symptoms of Impending Death

These words may sound extreme. The hospital experience was extreme – and life-changing for the patient with the attending ICU doctor declaring it was “scientifically unexplainable.” Check out the podcast on your favorite platform, and if your time is limited, fast forward to 23:40 to hear the details as described by music therapist and Music4Life […]

The Real Green Deal for Independence…(Grow Your Own!) Juicing & Cooking with Cannabis

I’m super excited to share this delicious ‘green deal’ information with you so you too can enjoy the amazing *entourage benefits when juicing and cooking with cannabis’. To make this possible growing our own plant food medicine is totally appropriate and even necessary – Yes there’s a small investment AND we are soul worth it. […]

What Improves Blood Flow to the Brain’s Hippocampus? Cannabidiols, aka Cannabis!

Summary: Cannabidiol (CBD) increases cerebral blood flow to areas of the brain associated with memory processing, specifically the hippocampus. The findings identify a potential mechanism for the use of CBD to treat disorders associated with altered memory processing, including Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, and schizophrenia. Source: UCL A single dose of cannabidiol (CBD) helped increase blood flow to […]

Boost Brain Development ~ 5 Powerful Phrases To Say To Children, or Anyone!

Sticks and stones don’t have anything on shame, gaslighting, and punitive parenting. Neuroscience shows us that our words matter. In fact, they have a direct impact on a child’s developing brain. Imaging shows that emotional pain lights up the same areas of the brain as physical pain, and both types decrease the gray matter of […]

Here’s Why, Hemp Can Save the World

Hemp is one of the world’s oldest crops. It also happens to be one of the most versatile. From plastics to paper, the hemp plant provides a way to live in harmony with the environment and the ecosystems that support it. Just to give you an idea how far this plant can take us, here […]

Why Not Cannabis for Wellness?

‘As millions of Americans continue to open to the many benefits of Cannabis, Medical Marijuana is showing it’s true colors. From this one amazing plant people and animals of all shapes and sizes are experiencing greater wellness on many levels. Beyond all the hype of this God given, life providing plant, you can be sure […]