How Emotions Can Rule Your Heart and Your Brain

February was Heart Health Month on Brain Health Matters, and it was also the first month that the show became a podcast! So, we did our best to chat with the most knowledgeable experts we could find on matters of the heart, in particular, our emotions. But what do emotions have to do with brain […]

Top 15 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants

Our ancestors have started to use of medicinal plants centuries ago. Even now, many of us rely on such traditional remedies. Here the list of 15 powerful medicinal plants in the world. 15. Ginger In many Asian countries, especially in India, ginger is a part of daily diet. Because, the medicinal power of ginger can […]

6 of the Most Powerful Questions to Ask for the Awakening Soul

I want to share with you one of the most beautiful experiences that I’ve ever had. It occurred two days ago as I was sitting down quietly, listening to the sounds of the night. As I looked up at the white walls and ceiling encircling me, I was suddenly overcome with a strange sense of […]