Deepak Chopra to Release New Cause Token Around Mental health


NeverAlone, an initiative of The Chopra Foundation dedicated to supporting mental and emotional health and wellness in all its forms, has partnered with EarthFund to launch the NeverAlone token designed to support mental wellbeing projects around the world. 

With plans to kick the partnership off in time for Mental Health Awareness Month in May, the NeverAlone token will allow people to take part in a radically new approach to crowdfunding and supporting projects that make a real impact on mental wellbeing, suicide prevention and awareness.

Speaking about the partnership, actress and NeverAlone co-founder Gabriella Wright said “We are very excited to fulfill the vision of NeverAlone by creating democratized access to mental well-being. We are all part of the solution and I believe that this token can build and empower a strong diverse global community that needs to be heard, more so than ever before.”

Adam Boalt, co-founder of EarthFund, said: “We’re honored to have NeverAlone as the first cause token to launch on our platform. We started EarthFund to build a platform that lets everybody have more of a voice in the things that matter to them and that perfectly lines up with NeverAlone’s mission of creating a global movement supporting mental and emotional wellbeing. We knew that this partnership was a great fit from our very first meeting, and we can’t wait to see what the NeverAlone community does for such an important cause.”

By swapping 1Earth — EarthFund’s native token — for the NeverAlone token, users will be able to join Deepak Chopra and Gabriella Wright in an online community, crowdfund a treasury and decide as a community which mental well-being projects get the funding they need to make a difference. 

“Our collaboration with EarthFund ensures that there is complete transparency, ease of  communication, decentralized decision making, independence, and engagement of the community in the mental wellbeing project sponsorship, thereby leveraging the DAO and power of Web3.0”, said Poonacha Machaiah, co-founder of NeverAlone & CEO of The Chopra Foundation. 

Looking forward to the launch, Deepak Chopra MD, said: “I believe that each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and are here to contribute. That’s why we chose to collaborate with EarthFund, a platform that gives everyone the ability to participate and have a voice in making a more sustainable, peaceful, healthier and joyful world.”