Boost your Energy, Boost your Brain


If we want to have a good memory, reasonable mobility and fully awakened senses, then we must have efficient energy supply to our brains.

Though the brain comprises only about 2% of an adult’s weight, it uses 20% of the energy produced by the body. Just as computers need a reliable, clean power supply to light up the screen and more to process information when typing a document or surfing the web, so do our brain cells as they perform the operations necessary for us to survive and thrive. The more we do and learn, the more energy our brains need.

Generally speaking, our brains are powered by the glucose and oxygen provided to it in the blood, and when the brain needs more energy, the cells signal the nearby blood vessels, telling them to deliver more of what they need. If something like insulin resistance or inflammation inhibits the delivery of oxygen, problems ensue.

Brain fog, forgetfulness, and difficulty planning and learning are common symptoms, but this lack of adequate energy can also cause serious damage to the central nervous system and lead to all manner of problems like strokes and even dementia.

So – it’s important to keep that energy level up and our guest this week, Sue Lyndes, had some powerful suggestions on ways to achieve maximum power supply for the brain.

Be sure to watch her interview here:

In Don’t Let the Memories Fade, you can learn many more ways to improve your overall health to improve your brain, including the amount of energy you have to help it run at peak performance.

With music, mindfulness, exercise, and a whole foods, plant-based diet, you can create a healthier, more vibrant future filled with happy memories.